Post #8 (Idea) 

An idea I had was to use natural colors in nature in my photographs. Instead of using photoshop to enhance the colors of leaves, for example leaves in the fall. The photo below might have increased saturation, but it is shows what I want to accomplish. I will find contrasting colors in nature to take eye catching lanscape photos. I will edit the photo, but I do not want to take a dull photo and increase the saturation because it is not natural. 

Also I want to find things in nature that lead the eye. For example in the photo below, the road leads the viewer’s eye from the bottom right corner to the middle of the photo. Then, the eye is led to the yellow sun thay contrasts well with the red and grey of the trees. The rail on the right of the road is emphasized because it is lighter than the rest of the colors in the photo. If there is a project I can try this in I will use leading lines and natural emphasis to take a cohesive photo. 


Post #7 (Inspiration)

This photo is inspiring to me, as soon as I saw it I had to write about it for this post. This photo is eye catching for a few reasons. The warm colors of the trees contrast well with the few green leaves and the sky. The reflection helps the contrast because it is carried throughout the photograph. The central composition with the arch and its refection is the part of this photo that stands out the most. The person in the red coat is where the viewer’s eye is lead to next because the red stands out agains the grey/white of the clouds.

My photography mostly consists of nature landscapes, but I do not use symmetry and reflections as much as I want to. Using symmetry creates a more eye catching photo. In future projects, if possible, I want to try finding symmetry in nature. I use reflections more in my photography than symmetry, but I still want to try doing it more. I am going to try to find better locations for my photographs, mainly places that are quiet and peaceful like this photo.

Post #6 (Idea)

For the studio self portrait part of the project, I have a few ideas for the lighting techniques I want to use. Like the first photo, I will take a silhouette photo with a black background. This photo might be difficult because to create this kind of silhouette the light will need to be facing me, but behind instead of the lights facing the white background. To achieve this photo I will use one light so it is not too bring, creating the “halo” of light. For other photos I will be using lighting from the bottom, but not putting it directly in front.

I had an idea that, for example the last photo, I will use rays of light to highlight one aspect of my photo. I will emphasize my eyes with this technique because they are bright so it will draw the viewer there. I am not sure how I will accomplish this, but if it is possible, I will put a light in the back facing the white background and another light in front centered at my eye. I use something to block off most of the light, but leaving a small sliver of light coming out.

Post #5 (Idea)

For the self portrait project, I plan on going out of my photography comfort zone, I am not used to being in front of the camera and it is hard for me to express myself. Due to this, I will be trying different techniques in photoshop. For example in the second photo, the photographer added triangles of parts of the same photo, but placed them next to where they are supposed to go. I want to try a similar technique for this project, the photo will represent that all the parts of me make me who I am. I am going to try to use color to my advantage. Like my last post, I will be trying to use lighter colors to represent my personality, but using colors that contrast with my blue eyes so they are emphasized and the viewer’s eye is drawn to them. The last photo shows a similar idea. For these photos I am going to use different angles and compositions so they are not all central.

Like in the fourth photo, I plan on experimenting with double exposures. I will use nature as the background because that shows who I am, instead of the city. Also, I had an idea that I could do a double exposure with a path or train tracks to show the journey of life I am on. In digital photography last year we used reflections in our first project, but there was not much meaning to them. I had an idea to use reflections, like in the first photo. For the reflection photos I plan on not having my gaze go towards the camera. I want the viewer to be drawn to the reflection first.

Post #4 (Inspiration)

This photo of a girl with flowers framing her face inspires me. The photographer uses pink tones throughout the image. In the next project I want to try using similar tones, like the pink and brown in this photo, to create mood. The photographer uses contrasting colors to bring the blue of the model’s eye out, which is what the viewer’s eye is drawn to. I am inspired to try this technique in a project this year.

The photo is simple, but has a lot of detail. The detail of the model’s eye and her facial expression shows that there is a story behind the photo. I want to try a technique like this in the self portrait project. After the view’s eye find the emphasis on the eye, they are drawn to the pink flowers that are in focus at the bottom. I also want to try using different compositions, like in this photo only half the model’s face is showing. I am inspired to try different portrait techniques after looking at this photo.


Post #3 (Idea)

I would like to try using bokeh more in different ways. In the past, I have used bokeh, but I never really challenged myself to try it with people. I always used it when I took pictures of nature, mainly flowers. I want to learn how to not have the entire picture be bokeh. Like in the photo below, I want to try having the person be in focus, but the object, glitter in this photo, be out of focus.

Bokeh can create a magical kind of mood in pictures. I want to go out of my comfort zone and try planning a photo like this one. I have always wanted to try this type of bokeh, but I never knew how photographers did it. In future projects, I am going to try this technique. I want to try creating more mood within my photos.


Post #2 (Inspiration)

This is a photo of water in a moment of time. The photographer used a fast shutter speed and reflections to create this image. The whiteness of the water created positive space in the negative space of the background and puddle. The reflection makes the photo look almost perfectly symmetrical. It seems like this was taken in a city or town. The person in the photo seems to be younger, creating an interesting narrative.

I am very inspired by this photo. I was instantly inspired when I was on and saw this photo. I tend to lean more towards using aperture and nature instead of shutter speed and nonnatural photography. This inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and try different techniques. Also, this photo made me think of how I could incorporate different moods into my photography.