Blog Post #15 (Inspiration)

This photo is inspiring to me because it is unique and creative. When I was on, I came across this image and I knew I had to try this sometime. The model seems to be wearing glow in the dark colored paint with white glow in the dark paint over it. The photographer created a mystical, dream like photo, but with a darker mood. The dark mood comes from the model’s posture and the dark background. This photo also inspired me to research this type of portraiture. I have seen photographers use paint before, but I had never thought to use glow in the dark paint.

If I try this technique, I will use glow in the dark paint and splatter the white paint over like in this photo. I might use a white background to create a happier mood. Also, I will have my model try different poses to create that happier mood. I could just have the model’s face in the photo and make the paint more detailed to create an interesting narrative.

Daria Khoroshavina ||

Blog Post #14 (Idea)

A few years ago I had the idea to take a photo of the same scene during different seasons. I had taken one photo in the winter at the top of a ski mountain and then I went back in the summer and took the same photo. I did not work very well, but I also did not know as much about photography. I built off that idea to create a new idea. Since we have four season in New England, my new idea is to take a photo at the height of every season in the same spot at the same distance. I plan on either putting all four pictures into one image so the lines connect like in the image below.

As I was looking for photos to go along with my idea, I noticed many photographers used trees because of their symmetry. The photographers seem to be using trees and the four season to represent life and the circle of life. When I attempt this idea, I will not use trees because I want to stay away from basic photographs. I might try taking a photo of a person in the same location or just the same location to show change in a different perspective. I also noticed that the photographers did not add many photography elements, so I might incorporate some into my photos.

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Post #13 (Inspiration)

These photos and the techniques are inspiring to me. I came across a photo like these ones on Pinterest earlier in the day, so I looked into the technique more. When I found these two photos, I immediately noticed there was a gradation from cool to warmer colors. The sharp black lines of the cracks give contrast to what would be a basic sunset photo. I like to photograph sunsets, so this immediately caught my eye. It gives a different perspective on sunsets that I would never have thought to try.

I do not know how the photographer, Bing Wright, took these photos without getting him or the camera in the photo. The broken mirror seems to be upright facing a sunset or on the ground facing the sky. The way the photographer broke the mirror or found it broken makes it look like stained glass flowers. Even though both of the photos are of a sunset reflecting in a broken mirror, they are both eye catching in different ways. The first photo is half warm colors and half cool colors, giving the image contrast. The little bits of orange in the blue balance out the image.

Bing Wright ||
Bing Wright ||

Post #12 (Idea)

My idea is to document what different people are going through by their natural facial expressions. I got the idea when I was on a photography Pinterest page a few months ago and I saw a photo of a little girl in black and white. I got the idea of taking photos of people in full detail and increased contrast to show their story. Everyone’s facial expressions, how they act and their eyes show what they might have been through. This idea also came from just being in a public space and noticing that some people look tired, sad, etc. People’s looks and actions create an interesting narrative, when you look at the photo you immediately wonder what they are or already went through.

The photo below is a young boy in a yellow jacket in a central composition with a duck. Just by looking at the photo you can tell that the boy is naive to the realities of life because he is very young and he is smiling in a way that little kids smile. This photo is not only documenting the boy’s life at the time the photo was taken, but it does have photography elements. The photo has warm tones, giving it a happy mood. The photographer took it from worms eye view in a puddle so the puddle is blurred, not taking away the story of the photo. The combination of a story and photography elements creates unity.

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Post #11 (Inspiration)

This photo of a girl in a pool is inspiring to me. The photo is rotated 90° to create the appearance that the girl is sitting on a ledge. The photographer is using a different perspective to create an interesting image. The water appears to be a wall the girl is melting into. This photo inspires me to think about my surroundings differently when I am taking photos, whether it is for a project or for fun.

For a project in the future, I want to explore different perspective photography. Before I saw this photo, I had never thought to take what could be a simple setting and turn it into an interesting photo. When I came along this photo, I instantly knew I was going to try some thing like this because it is so unique. If I had taken this photo, I would have cropped the people to the right out and had the model have a different expression.


Erkannnix ||

Post #10 (Idea) 

My idea is to use brighter colors with happier moods. I have noticed that my photos have had a dark mood to them and I want to try something else. Outside my projects, my photographs are usually bright and happy, but for projects I go for darker moods because it is easier than showing the project’s theme and mood at the same time. For the place & space project, I am going to use lighting in two ways and pick which mood I like better.

The photo below shows the kind of mood I will try. The contrast between the red and green makes the red of the phone booth more emphasized. I will try other moods with different instead of the same moods I have been doing.

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Post #9 (Inspiration)

This photo inspired my idea for the place and space project. As soon as I say this photo I thought of a place I went to last year to take pictures for the ISO project. I went to Salisbury beach early in the morning when the road and stores next to the beach were only lit by street lights. There was no one there, so there was an eerie, ghost town mood. It reminded me of this project because we are showing place and space though photo. The place is popular in the summer, but deserted in the fall/winter.

I am going to show how much the seasons can change a place. The photo below shows that  this place was probably lively at one point, but is now deserted. The viewer does not know the reason so it creates a curious but eerie mood. It has an interesting narrative that is not clear, and makes you wonder why it ended up like it did. I want to try to take photos with this idea because I always lean more towards nature landscapes, but I want to improve my industrial photography.

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