Blog Post #15 (Inspiration)

This photo is inspiring to me because it is unique and creative. When I was on, I came across this image and I knew I had to try this sometime. The model seems to be wearing glow in the dark colored paint with white glow in the dark paint over it. The photographer created a mystical, dream like photo, but with a darker mood. The dark mood comes from the model’s posture and the dark background. This photo also inspired me to research this type of portraiture. I have seen photographers use paint before, but I had never thought to use glow in the dark paint.

If I try this technique, I will use glow in the dark paint and splatter the white paint over like in this photo. I might use a white background to create a happier mood. Also, I will have my model try different poses to create that happier mood. I could just have the model’s face in the photo and make the paint more detailed to create an interesting narrative. 

Daria Khoroshavina ||

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