Blog Post #14 (Idea)

A few years ago I had the idea to take a photo of the same scene during different seasons. I had taken one photo in the winter at the top of a ski mountain and then I went back in the summer and took the same photo. I did not work very well, but I also did not know as much about photography. I built off that idea to create a new idea. Since we have four season in New England, my new idea is to take a photo at the height of every season in the same spot at the same distance. I plan on either putting all four pictures into one image so the lines connect like in the image below.

As I was looking for photos to go along with my idea, I noticed many photographers used trees because of their symmetry. The photographers seem to be using trees and the four season to represent life and the circle of life. When I attempt this idea, I will not use trees because I want to stay away from basic photographs. I might try taking a photo of a person in the same location or just the same location to show change in a different perspective. I also noticed that the photographers did not add many photography elements, so I might incorporate some into my photos.

Photographer Name N/A ||

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