Post #13 (Inspiration)

These photos and the techniques are inspiring to me. I came across a photo like these ones on Pinterest earlier in the day, so I looked into the technique more. When I found these two photos, I immediately noticed there was a gradation from cool to warmer colors. The sharp black lines of the cracks give contrast to what would be a basic sunset photo. I like to photograph sunsets, so this immediately caught my eye. It gives a different perspective on sunsets that I would never have thought to try.

I do not know how the photographer, Bing Wright, took these photos without getting him or the camera in the photo. The broken mirror seems to be upright facing a sunset or on the ground facing the sky. The way the photographer broke the mirror or found it broken makes it look like stained glass flowers. Even though both of the photos are of a sunset reflecting in a broken mirror, they are both eye catching in different ways. The first photo is half warm colors and half cool colors, giving the image contrast. The little bits of orange in the blue balance out the image.

Bing Wright ||
Bing Wright ||

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