Post #12 (Idea)

My idea is to document what different people are going through by their natural facial expressions. I got the idea when I was on a photography Pinterest page a few months ago and I saw a photo of a little girl in black and white. I got the idea of taking photos of people in full detail and increased contrast to show their story. Everyone’s facial expressions, how they act and their eyes show what they might have been through. This idea also came from just being in a public space and noticing that some people look tired, sad, etc. People’s looks and actions create an interesting narrative, when you look at the photo you immediately wonder what they are or already went through.

The photo below is a young boy in a yellow jacket in a central composition with a duck. Just by looking at the photo you can tell that the boy is naive to the realities of life because he is very young and he is smiling in a way that little kids smile. This photo is not only documenting the boy’s life at the time the photo was taken, but it does have photography elements. The photo has warm tones, giving it a happy mood. The photographer took it from worms eye view in a puddle so the puddle is blurred, not taking away the story of the photo. The combination of a story and photography elements creates unity.

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