Post #9 (Inspiration)

This photo inspired my idea for the place and space project. As soon as I say this photo I thought of a place I went to last year to take pictures for the ISO project. I went to Salisbury beach early in the morning when the road and stores next to the beach were only lit by street lights. There was no one there, so there was an eerie, ghost town mood. It reminded me of this project because we are showing place and space though photo. The place is popular in the summer, but deserted in the fall/winter.

I am going to show how much the seasons can change a place. The photo below shows that  this place was probably lively at one point, but is now deserted. The viewer does not know the reason so it creates a curious but eerie mood. It has an interesting narrative that is not clear, and makes you wonder why it ended up like it did. I want to try to take photos with this idea because I always lean more towards nature landscapes, but I want to improve my industrial photography.

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